The restaurant Reginella is born in the July of 1996 with only terrace, today called "Cerasa Terrace". The following year are opened the intermediate room said "Cajola room". Thanks to the large succeeding in the coming two years are inaugurated the inferior hall "knows it of the completely panoramic king" and the external terrace called "the Sciantose".

In the last years the specialties of the Reginella restaurant are landed in the television, in the programms like "La vecchia fattoria", then lead from Luca Sardella and to the "la vita in diretta", lead from Michele Cucuzza. From then contemporary events of

art gastronomy and life style they ollow with a annual rhythm as the event "Bacco e Reginella" reached in July its third edition, in which the Gavit wines they are married with the special plates,with unic teste.

Also the NHK, national Japanese television network,

are follow in love for Reginella restaurant, and are dedicates one programm, to considering it,

one of the best Neapolitan restaurants for the oneness of the plates and in particular for the Reginella peak, and specialty of the house.

In the summer the 2005 Piramig Goup from Rome, famous society of events founded from the protagonists of the soap operates a "Posto al sole"

organizes one sicialian evening of Neapolitan typical kitchen and wines for the Italian and international Set. In the 2007

Campania Region it rewards the happened one of Reginella with the acknowledgment of Best Campania restaurant of the year, for hospitality and quality.